Toronto English Country Dance Assembly
Photo Gallery
Marianne’s Anniversary Ball  April 17, 2015
Photographs by: Liz Webb, Annette Mageau, and others
This event was organized to celebrate Marianne van Ooijen’s 55th anniversary of arrival in Canada. For this occasion, Marianne voluntarily made 12 dresses and 10 vests for English Country dancers. Special thanks to Marianne for her generous effort and all TECDA members for making this event a success.  
Summer Assembly 2015  June 27, 2015
Photographs by: Maxine Louie
We hosted the first joint southern Ontario English Country Dance, featuring 9 callers together for the first time. We hope to continue this initiative in the coming years.  
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Toronto English Country Dance Assembly
New Year Dance - 2016  January 1, 2016
Photographs by: Maxine Louie
We organized New Year Dance to celebrate the arrival of year 2016. Here are a few pictures from this event.  
ECD Sea to Sea July 15, 2017 As a Canada Sesquicentennial dance, we danced all of the dances from the "ECD Sea to Sea" booklet, with live music by Big Fun from Michigan, and local callers from southern Ontario.
Holiday English Country Dance  Dec 27, 2014
Photography by: Simon Chambers